Resilience Oils has developed Synthetics like no other on the market. They have been specially formulated to not gel up over time and  more stable compared to other synthetics.

**All products in the future will be #1-#3. The #1 will be the lightest and #3 being the thickest. All thicknesses are based on cSt (centistoke thickness) This is the measurement of viscosity of liquids.**

F-1 Valve Oil.jpg

Resilience Oils True Synthetic Valve Oil is unlike any other lubricant on the market.  Designed specifically for  instruments. It is the only oil on the market to directly help with oxidation of metals which will in turn help your pistons last longer, play faster and take your horn to a whole new level of quality.

This formula also offers insane benefits for stainless steel pistons. After the piston is passivated this oil well help stop the leaching process of low quality stainless steels over time and will lessen friction to help slow down the chromium breakdown.

#1 Light - This oil is made for new horns with tight tolerance valves. made for valves with compression 98-99% Compression

#2 Standard - The standard oil for most of the instruments on the market. Student line horns, horns that have been played for a time. 90-98% Compression.

#3 Heavy - Made for vintage instruments and instruments that have a lower compression. This will fill the space but still give you a smooth true feel. anything under 90% Compression. 

F-1 Kick Gel.jpg

The first true synthetic gel on the market! This gel is designed to last longer, reduce friction and help with the merging of metals and metal breakdown on similar metal types used in instruments. 

This stuff is seriously amazing...

F-1 MTS.jpg

Fully synthetic main tuning slide grease with "tri-synthetic" formulations. This grease is made to stay where you put it and heat won't make it run all over your instrument. 

Leave it for a month and it will feel the same as the day you put it on. 

One of those things is exciting and having all of that in one tub makes it the most exciting thing ever.