Lubricants in Development 

Resilience Oils is always developing new product for the modern day musician. Here are a few products that we are working on to bring to you. 

Trombone Slide Stuff

The Unicorn of all Lubricants. The elusive trombone slide has been a difficult mixture since I have started working with fluid engineers and have been trying a variety of other products. It would be simple to come out with something close to what is already being produced but the plan is to make the product more static on the chrome, this is very difficult as all the products so far work for awhile but then wear off over time. 

If you have any ideas please email!

Bore Oil

Bore oil...the curse word of so many throughout the industry. I am taking time right now experimenting with different molecular structures of products,temperatures and pressures needed to bond to the wood fibers. There is going to be some very interesting stuff to come as there is nothing on the market that is approached this way. 

Look for this product Late 2018!

Horn Rotor Lubricants

We are working on new rotor lubricants. We are taking a new approach to how this formula is being designed. Mainly it is the brass on brass friction and longevity of the oil is very important. We are also looking at build up over time and how to keep the rotors friction to a minimum. 

Look for this product early 2018